︎Museu da Casa Brasileira (MCB) is an Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy institution of the State of São Paulo and is dedicated to the issues of the Brazilian residence through architecture and design.


The Design MCB Award has been held since 1986 and it continues to challenge participants from all over Brazil to create their main publicity piece.

The 2020 theme was The Social Function of Design highlighting the old discussion about the nature of Design and the need to recognize the role of the activity as an aggregator of value, not only commercially, but based on quality of life for people and the planet in general. After all, we are all political beings, as we make our choices not only by voting, but in doing our daily lives activities: in our way of consuming, getting around, feeding and relating to one another. Design plays a key role in this discussion and it is important to enlighten the general public, instigate reflections and debates among designers about the social role of the activity.

Based on that, I was instantly drawn to create something around the Russian Constructivism movement, like Aleksandr Rodchenko’s works, as well as The Public Theater‘s posters by the American designer, Paula Scher.

These works denied "pure art" and sought to abolish the idea that art is a special element of human creation, separate from the everyday world.

In this poster, I wanted to bring the concept of “the socialization of art” by using a sans-serif typeface along with primary colors and geometric forms. In addition, I seek to arrange the elements in a way that gives movement to the piece, elucidating the street sounds and visual communication.

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